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"Think of all the great brother acts through time, from Charlie and Ira Louvin, Phil and Don Everly, Neil and Tim Finn through Seth and Scott Avett and a dozen more. There's something there, something genetic perhaps, that makes two voices blend perfectly in a sort of goose-bumpy organic harmony.

Add Dillon and Jantzen Wray to the list."

Bill DeYoung

Connect Savannah 

The Wray Brothers started Old North State in the small town of Durango Colorado in 2010.  The band relocated to Asheville NC in 2012 and released their album 'Hello Darling'.  Since living in Asheville NC they have had multiple releases including their latest self titled full length record.  The band consists of Dillon Wray and Jantzen Wray.  Over the years the Wray Brothers have recorded multiple albums and toured all over the United States and played alongside great acts like HoneyHoney, Charley Crockett, Sammy Brue, and many more.